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Change your name, change your destiny, so say a growing number spiritual seekers who are taking on a different name to help form a new spiritual identity.  Others to seek transformation from an old life or bad situation.

They ascribe to the notion that there is power inherent in the name we carry and that by changing it, you can become bolder, more creative, more confident, more in tune with the person you truly feel yourself to be.

Names have a resonance ... names are very ancient things and when you call someone by their name you are actually pulling on a vibration. It’s a very spiritual thing.

I used to think it was strange when people  changed their name.  I thought it was pretentious and would call them by their former name just because.  That was before I had my own experience with considering a new name.

Feeling authentic

During one of my workshops, one woman named Anabelle, says the decision to change her name from Karen was more about reclaiming her past than creating something new.

“I’d always known I was adopted when I was six weeks old,” says the 36-year-old corporate executive, “but it wasn’t until I had my first child and began to look into my original family’s background and discovered my birth certificate and found my original name had been Anabelle.

“It was like `Yes! This is who I am’. I was a really primal thing. I’d always hated the name Karen. Since I’ve changed my name, my whole lifestyle has changed. It may sound strange, but I’m not so angry anymore. I feel softer, calmer. It’s to do with feeling more authentically that this is who I am.”

Deepak Chopra ascribes to the notion of a new name changing a life. “Choose a name that will be symbolic of the form that you want to represent,” he says. “If you do that, it will bring about a transformation in your awareness such that people will perceive you differently without even knowing why.”

In my case, taking on another name signifies who I am in a new phase of life, a name to resonate with my evolving inner spiritual identity. It also marked a new beginning, shedding the old identity, and with it the accumulation of emotional charges and erroneous ideas which have attached themselves to the label, that I've carried since birth. 

Last year I went on a spiritual retreat in Upstate NY.  Part of the program included a daily conversation with a very wise female Shaman.  During our last conversation, she summed up everything we discussed, advised me on my spiritual path and suggested a new name to represent not only my evolving spiritual identity but also my entering midlife.  She suggested the name Skye (I added the "e")  as a result of our conversations and my "open and vast" outlook on life and spirituality, moving forward.  As I sat with, pondered over and meditated on the name over the next few weeks it felt right, it felt authentic, it resonated with who I was becoming. 

I was concerned how people would react when I began using my new name.  Because it felt so right for me, and I embraced it wholeheartedly, others accepted it as well.  I created a naming ceremony, invited a few friends and family and it was done. 

Four of the individuals at my ceremony including a family member who I thought would absolutely NOT take this seriously, consulted with me on changing their names.  Once they come up with a name that resonated with their reasons for re-naming, I had a naming ceremony for them two months later.  Each one have embraced their new names fully and report that they feel transformed. 

The family member that changed her name stated "she was not doing this for spiritual reasons, rather it was to disconnect with her abusive past and her victim mentality".  The changes that have transpired as she began identifying with her new name, have been astounding and... spiritual I might add. 

How does having a spiritual name impact your life?

  • It’s your spiritual identity.
  • It’s an opportunity to leave the past behind and live consciously.
  • It’s a tool or road map to your highest destiny.
  • It’s a blessing to be continually reminded of your unique soul and your relationship with the Divine.
  • It’s a rebirth in consciousness.
  • It’s life changing.

Skye Vonn is a teacher, energy medicine practitioner, speaker, writer/blogger, and creator of SoulConnection Wellness. She has dedicated her life to helping women in midlife re-ignite their passion, discover their authenticity, share their light with the world and live a midlife of ease.  Skye has created a series of eCourses, eBooks, webinars and workshops to support clients while on their journey.

Feel free to share your experiences or thoughts below.

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