SC TOOL - Yoga

Yoga means union. Yoga is a 4000-year-old Hindu discipline. In practice, yoga is an applied science of the mind and body. Practice and study of yoga help to bring about a natural balance of body and mind in which the state of health can manifest itself. Yoga itself does not create health; rather, it creates an internal environment that allows the individual to come to his own state of dynamic balance, or health. Basically, yoga teaches that a healthy person is a harmoniously integrated unit of body, mind and spirit. Therefore, good health requires a simple, natural diet, exercise , a serene and untroubled mind and the awareness that one's deepest and highest self is identical with the spirit of God.

The power of yoga is like listening to the silent roar of the sea. In its silence lay peace & tranquility, soothing to the deepest level of your being. Its roar can pull open your heart and mind to the possibilities of life and living. As a result, to many devotees, yoga becomes a philosophy that offers instruction and insight into every aspect of life: the spiritual, the mental and the physical. Of course, because it is all-encompassing, people who want to pick and choose from its smorgasbord can do so without being disappointed. Yoga is equally satisfying as a physical therapy alone.

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