WIB Virtual Assistance

As an entrepreneur, you want to do it all yourself: site design and updates, billing, data entry, accounting and everything else your business needs to run and grow. But doing it all can lead to late-night struggles to figure out QuickBooks and Photoshop, or doing the most mundane of office tasks. And that may be taking time away from what you do best, whether that be selling your product over the phone or email marketing.

Yet you may not have the workload or money to justify an in-office assistant. Or maybe your workload is unpredictable. For instance, you may need help sporadically and, rather than hire someone full or part-time, you’d rather pay someone specifically for the hours you need. You may just need help with a single project and your next door neighbor’s teenage daughter might not cut it. Or what if you need help right now?

It’s time to hire a virtual assistant (VA), a self-employed professional who provides administrative, technical, or creative assistance to remote clients.

The Four benefits of SC-WIB Virtual Assistants:

  • COST EFFICIENT - We have a far more flexible pricing program than regular part- and full-time assistants. We on a per-project or per-hour basis making it convenient for you when you need help with a specific project or unpredictable hours or when you need to cut back on expenses. We also offer a Monthly Retainer package (a certain number of guaranteed hours per month), to help you budget your cost.
  • WE HAVE SKILLS - SC-WIB VA's have specific skill sets, that include. certified QuickBooks specialists, graphic design, internet, marketing, or technical skills and many more. Rather than hire someone with limited skills or hire a group of skilled people – which can be rather expensive – you can contact us to provide specific skill sets for just when you need them.
  • FREEDOM - We are consultants, not employees so you won’t have to pay employment taxes or benefits for our services.
  • GUARANTEE - We are so confident in our services, that we will refund any fees paid if you are not satisfied with the service.

Delegating tasks in your business is crucial to its growth. Maybe you could sit for hours struggling to figure out various software packages or enter the results of your paper surveys, but is that the best use of your time? In order to grow your business, you need to leverage your strengths and delegate those tasks that can be done by someone else. If you don’t have the resources or workload to hire an in-office assistant, SC-WIB VA is a great choice for you.

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