Release Reconnect & Renew eBook Excerpt

Our midlife years are a time of spiritual metamorphosis. Of leaving behind who you thought you were

in order to embrace who you’re becoming.

The heart of “midlife” is finding our voices and owning our power.  It’s a time of discernment, preparation and a chance to deeply connect with our essence so we can learn to nurture our heart and soul and become our own best friend as we journey into the second half of life.

With deep compassion, curiosity (and fun), this eBook addresses spiritual nourishment (what feeds our souls)—physical nourishment (conscious aging, hormonal changes, body image)—emotional nourishment (changing friendships, relationships) and mental nourishment (stretching and challenging yourself).

With every decade of life a woman gains more courage, strength and confidence, so that by age 40, she’s fabulous; by age 50, she’s fearless, and by age 60 – she’s a bold, unshakeable being walking in the fullness and true beauty of what it really means to be a woman.  However, transitioning through midlife and navigating the waters comes with several challenges. 

Release Reconnect and Renew was created to assist Midlifers as they rise to the occasion of living life, not just the first half of it, but all of it, fully, passionately and completely.  With over 50 tips (including the bonus section) we are reminded to…Release – let things go.  Reconnect – go inside and connect with our authentic selves.  Renew – emerge replenished, mind body and spirit.

eBook Contents (excluding BONUS material):


  • Let Go and Make Peace With Your Past
  • See Yourself Brand New
  • Wonder Woman Syndrome
  • Take A Walk
  • Lose Control… Of Others
  • Breathe
  • Releasing Anxiety and Depression
  • Affirm With Spirit 
  • Surrender To Spirit
  • Dance


  • Create A Sacred Space
  • Explore Yoga
  • Ignite Your Creative Side
  • Be Still
  • Simplify Your life
  • Get Dirty – Reconnect with The Earth
  • Adopt A Pet
  • Reconnect with Your Body
  • Reconnect with Friends & Family
  • Meditation  



  • Lights Out – Get Your Restorative Sleep
  • Make Smart Food Choices
  • Morning Cleanse
  • Spruce Up Your Surroundings
  • Take A Day Off
  • Discover Tea for your Spirit
  • Consider Romance
  • Take A Trip
  • Learn Something New
  • Discover Ritual


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