Oils That Calm



Calming, balancing; helps us integrate spirituality into everyday life. Can assist in sleep.

Sweet Marjoram

Calming, Puts the mind at ease, Excellent for meditation.


Cuts through mental blockages to deepen our connection to our soul. Excellent for deep relaxation.

Wild Chamomile

Calming and soothing, with a strong effect on anger and over sensitivity. Assists in loving communication.


Known for its antidepressant and soothing qualities. It is an uplifting essential oil (not to be confused with a stimulating essential oil, which it is not) that is useful when treating nervousness, anxiety and insomnia and may even be helpful for hyperactivity. It lifts the spirits while helping to calm the soul, making it excellent to add to a massage oil for someone who is stressed out and depressed.


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