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You are passing by a gemstone shop, and you suddenly feel drawn to a specific stone? This is not just a shopaholic crave talking, it could be that you intuitively look for something that will help in your current situation. Precious, and semi-precious, stones vibrate in the same way all the things in nature do: human beings, earth, plants etc.

For its ability to transmit energy, crystals have been used in mechanical engineering and technology. Having this in mind, it is not hard to believe that precious, and semi-precious, stones can affect our energy field.

Here is a list of 5 fantastic gemstones you should consider wearing, when you need a change in your life.

1. Citrine

Color: yellow, brown yellow, light grey
Deposits: Brazil, Russia, France, Madagascar, USA

Citrine is a stone believed to bring success and abundance. Connected to the third chakra, it brings self-respect, and joy, to the wearer. Its yellow color is a symbol of intellect and logic. If you are attracted to this stone, it can mean that you feel insecure, or under an influence of bed energy, since Citrine is known for its power to repel and transform negative energy into positive. In America, this gemstone is also called the “Coyote Stone”.

According to the legend, the coyotes are the ones who play tricks, and force others to learn in spite of themselves. Wearing a Citrine will help you to become more creative; it will clear your thoughts, and improve personal powers, hence lading you to spiritual and material wealth. It is one of only two minerals on Earth that doesn’t accumulate any negative energy (diamond being the second) so it doesn’t require cleaning and energizing.

2. Sunstone

Color: yellow, orange, red-brown
Deposits: Canada, USA, Norway, India

Sunstone, with its yellowish, orange or reddish color, promotes joy and self awareness. If you have difficulties saying “No” to other people, or are prone to sacrifice yourself for the others, you should always have this stone with you. It promotes independence, vitality, and renews the energy lost on other people.

Emotionally, the Sunstone acts as an antidepressant. Since it has a quality to turn negative energy into positive, Sunstone is especially useful, if you feel pessimistic. It increases the physical and sexual energy, at the same time enhancing healthy relationships of all kinds.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Color: Blue with golden flecks
Deposits: USA, Egypt, Middle East, Italy, Russia, Afghanistan

The calming blue color of Lapis Lazuli will remind you of night sky. It relives stress quickly, bringing the deep inner peace, which is a key ability to achieving spiritual awareness. On physical, emotional and spiritual level, Lapis Lazuli brings harmony, hence curing depression and helping you to take control of your life. Lapis Lazuli brings inner power, openness, and truthfulness, and allows you to express yourself freely.

4. Jasper

Color: Dark red, orange, brown, yellow, blue, purple
Deposits: All over the world

Jasper is the stone also known as a Protection, or Power stone, because its energy helps the wearer when faced with conflict situations. It brings peace in stressful periods. The wearer can especially feel its help when bringing important decisions, or solving problems that demand courage and inner strength. Mentally, Jasper enhances the quickness of mind, and organizational skills, while it stimulates the imagination, and turns ideas into deeds.

5. Amethyst

Color: From dark purple to light lavender
Deposits: US, Great Britain, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Russia

Amethyst is an extremely powerful protection stone, also known as “Metamorphosis.” It brings positive transformations, inner peace, and spiritual awareness, and is also a natural sedative that has a power to heal, and purify the mind. It has been used for preventing alcoholism and treating insomnia and nightmares by ancient Romans and Greeks. Amethyst in Greek actually means - NOT DRUNK.

By calming the mind, Amethyst helps the wearer to make the right decisions, and to set realistic goals. It lets go of anger and anxiety, and helps us to accept the loss of someone dear.

This is only a beginning of an interesting story about crystals, and the positive affect they can have on our lives. Have you ever tried wearing gemstones to change your life for the better? Share your experience; you might change someone’s life for good.

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