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Bach Flower Essences in Our Daily Life - By Bettina B. Rasmussen

Our daily life is often associated with some kind of discomfort, such as, headaches, asthma, migraines, allergies or insomnia. Nevertheless, most people have learned to deal with it, either with orthodox medication, homeopathy, or simply by getting used to this discomfort as a part of life. Unfortunately, only a few people ask themselves "WHY?" If we did and then looked for a way to both understand and eliminate the true cause of our trouble, we would come upon the Bach Flower Essences.

The philosophy behind the Bach Flower Essences is that disease is a way for our body to tell us that we are doing something that goes against our soul and personality. A conflict or disease arises when, as Dr. Edward Bach wrote in Heal Thyself "our personalities are led astray from the path laid down by the Soul, either by our own worldly desires or by the persuasion of others." Such a conflict is "the root cause of disease and unhappiness." Unfortunately things happen in our life which can lead us away from our path. It can be parents who do not let their child choose his or her profession, but instead, for their own selfish reasons they influence the child to choose a profession, which they believe is "better." Also, fears, loneliness, uncertainty and despair can prevent people from following their path.

Dr. Bach was a renowned physician in London who in 1930 gave up his practice to devote all of his time to the search for a new method of healing. For many years he had sought a natural and pure way to heal people, he had discovered how different people reacted differently to the exact same disease. One could be cheerful and hide his worries while another would be very depressed with no hope for tomorrow. Dr. Bach believed that those two patients should be treated differently, not strictly according to the disease, but according to their emotions. In 1928 when Dr. Bach discovered the first of 38 Essences he was very excited and started to administer them to his patients, with immediate and successful results. The cheerful patients would acknowledge their worries and the depressed patients would regain hope. The Essences restored their emotional balance allowing their bodies to heal themselves.

When prescribing the Essences, Dr. Bach would look at the patient's emotional health and not the disease, since he believed disease to be caused by emotional imbalances. He would look at their outlook on life: Does the patient have low self-esteem? Does he or she criticize others? Is he dominating? Is she fearful? And so on. The patient may say, "I am so impatient", "I feel so lonely", "I just have to live with it" or "I feel that I am going to explode." The Essences would then be chosen to correspond with the patients' emotional outlook on life, allowing them to be in harmony with themselves and their soul and therefore regain health. A remedy such as Larch will help a person with low self-esteem, Mimulus will help a person who is fearful and Pine will help a person who feels guilt. All 38 Essences help certain emotions, and in combination 292 million emotional states can be balanced.

Since childhood is a roller coaster of change both physically and mentally, The Essences could help a child go through those changes without too many worries and trouble. The Bach Flower Essences has been used successfully with children of all ages, to treat everything from shyness, homesickness, tantrums, low self-esteem, trauma, exam nerves and adolescent angst.

In adolescence the young man or woman goes through some turbulent years which can often be extremely frustrating for many teenagers and their families. At the same time these young people need to break free from their parents, they must go through significant changes both mentally and physically. The Essences help the teenager make it through this time with confidence and allow him or her to follow the path put down by the soul and thus grows up as a harmonious person.

The healing process can be described as peeling a cabbage, the size of which depends on how old and how many unresolved problems the person has had. Therefore, the young person will easily be brought back in harmony with him or herself by the gentle effect off the Bach Flower Essences. An older person with a hard life filled with problems and unhappiness will still benefit greatly from the remedies, and find relief immediately, but it will take some time to get to the core of the cabbage.

Healthy people with harmony in their life may also need Bach Flower Essences for a short period of time. There may be times where you experience bad news, get into an accident or wake up "not quite yourself," and with only a small dose of Bach Flower Remedies you will regain your normal harmony again. Dr. Edward Bach used to say "If cold, put on a cardigan and, if hungry, have something to eat; if you wake up one day lacking in confidence take some drops of Larch."

Disharmony happens when we ignore the problems and do not put them into proper perspective. Meditation and self-awareness are other ways of getting in harmony with ourselves. But what if we do not meditate or are not aware of ourselves? This is where the remedies come in. By the energy of the Flower Essences we are brought back in harmony with ourselves, very effectively and gently.

Dr. Edward Bach wrote "Disease is solely and purely corrective; it is neither vindictive nor cruel, but it is the means adopted by our own souls to point out to us our faults, to prevent our making greater errors, to hinder us from doing more harm, and to lead us to, or bring us back to the path of our truth and light."

The Bach Flower Essences are made 100% naturally from spring water infused with wild flowers, either by the sun steeping method or by boiling. The Essences are hand produced exclusively in England without the aid of mechanical devices.

The Bach Flower Essences can be purchased in most health food stores and homeopathic pharmacies, as 38 single Essences, Rescue Remedy, which is a combination of five Essences, and Rescue Remedy Cream, which includes six Essences.


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